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B1/B2 Grammar Clinic - Adjectives and Prepositions Part 2 05/03/2020

B1/B2 Grammar Clinic - Adjectives and Prepositions Part 2
This weeks B1/B2 Grammar Clinic deals with all types of prepositions that go after adjectives.

Do you know what the different types of prepositions are? For example: afraid plus of, keen plus on, sure plus of/about, etc.

Meeting in Room 4 at 2:30 and 3:45.

FREE Activity.

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quote Thanks for everything! I’ve spent a wonderful 3 months here in Cork English College. See you soon!

Kristina, Russia

quote I can’t believe this 2 weeks went by so quickly. Staying here really feels like home. Thanks a million.

Mariko, Japan
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