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B1/B2 Grammar Clinic - Modal Verbs 19/09/2019

B1/B2 Grammar Clinic - Modal Verbs
This weeks grammar clinic deals with Modal Verbs in the present and future. This is a class for B1/B2 level students.

Do you know the difference: Can, May, Could, Might, May, Must, Have to, Should, Ought To & Had Better?

Meeting in room 4 at 14.30 and 15.45

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quote I am sad to leave Cork because I enjoyed my stay here very much. I met a lot of nice people and want to say thank you to the teachers and staff at the school. I hope to come back again one day!

Mercedes, Spanish

quote Hi, I’m Gianluca, I’ve been here for 4 weeks. I met a lot of friends. The staff of the school is first class.

Gianluca, Italian
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