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Non EEA Student Information

Punctuality and attendance

Students are expected to attend all of their classes.  Attendance is noted daily for each 2 hour class period on the class register by the teacher and is checked by the Director of Studies at the end of the week. The Director of Studies is responsible for ensuring that attendance for all students is logged every week and that all registers are completed. 

Students must maintain a minimum attendance of 85%.  If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late or leaves more than 15 minutes early, they will be marked absent for the whole hour.

It is the student's responsibility to attend classes and to issue a medical certificate if absent due to illness.

Absenteeism and expulsion

Students are expected to attend all classes and an attendance rate of 85% minimum must be maintained.

If a student has 25% or more uncertified absence in the first six weeks of their programme, this will be communicated to the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) and INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau).

When a student’s rate of attendance drops below 85%, a letter notifying the student of this is issued by the director of Studies. If the issue persists, a further letter of reprimand is sent to the student. A third and final letter is sent to warn the student of the risk of expulsion.

When a student reaches the point in their course where it is impossible for them to achieve an attendance of 85%, they will be expelled. The GNIB will be notified immediately of any such action.

All standard correspondence as part of this process is retained and available on request to relevant internal personnel and external authorities. Absenteeism and expulsion procedures are implemented in a timely manner as soon as the issue is identified.  Non‐EEA students will not be expelled towards the end of their programmes in relation to issues identified at an earlier point in the programme.

Sick leave

Students who miss classes due to illness or injury should telephone (021 4551522) or send an email  ([email protected]) to the Operations Manager to inform the school on the first day of sickness and each day they are ill.

Students must submit a medical certificate to the school on their return to school. Failure to supply a medical certificate will result in the student being marked absent.

quote I am sad to leave Cork because I enjoyed my stay here very much. I met a lot of nice people and want to say thank you to the teachers and staff at the school. I hope to come back again one day!

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