Examen de inglés en línea

Aquí puedes evaluar tus destrezas en relación a tu nivel de inglés con nuestro test en línea.

  • Pregunta 1

    There are twelve of us so get into the car at the same time.

  • Pregunta 2

    Her children tell her that old to drive a car.

  • Pregunta 3

    When there is a public rocket service to the moon, her father has promised her there.

  • Pregunta 4

    at the moment, I'll go to the shops.

  • Pregunta 5

    In a shop customers.

  • Pregunta 6

    Your bicycle shouldn't be in the house!

  • Pregunta 7

    He is a good guitarist, but he plays the piano .

  • Pregunta 8

    Molly doesn't eat fish, .

  • Pregunta 9

    She always buys my birthday.

  • Pregunta 10

    She hardly ever eats potatoes.

  • Pregunta 11

    I to your letter of the 15th.

  • Pregunta 12

    Your letter .

  • Pregunta 13

    I've for the job and I hope to get it.

  • Pregunta 14

    I never expected you to turn at the meeting. I thought you were abroad.

  • Pregunta 15

    As far as he's concerned, one piece of music is very much like .

  • Pregunta 16

    She was wearing beautiful clothes that I envied her.

  • Pregunta 17

    She woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't again.

  • Pregunta 18

    I crossed the room and a light shone through the window.

  • Pregunta 19

    I wish I what time the film started before we came out.

  • Pregunta 20

    I'll ask the waiter for the bill when you your coffee.

  • Pregunta 21

    There was a suitcase mine on the luggage rack.

  • Pregunta 22

    He out of the window for a moment and then went on working.

  • Pregunta 23

    I'd like to take of this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation.

  • Pregunta 24

    Our main concern is to raise the voters' of living.


quote I am sad to leave Cork because I enjoyed my stay here very much. I met a lot of nice people and want to say thank you to the teachers and staff at the school. I hope to come back again one day!

Mercedes, Spanish

quote Hi, I’m Gianluca, I’ve been here for 4 weeks. I met a lot of friends. The staff of the school is first class.

Gianluca, Italian
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