Año Académico – Programa de larga duración - 15h

Código de curso: AYP-15

Take an Academic English Year in Cork.

Students are encouraged to participate in class and to contribute actively to their language learning. A progress test each Friday morning presents not only the academic management, but also the student him/herself with tangible evidence of the progress made and also assists in pinpointing new goals as well as identifying problem areas which may require additional work.

Academic Year in Ireland

Course aims: To improve your communication in English in all areas – speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. A wide range of topic and language areas are covered and error correction plays an important role in all classes. Students take a recognised international English language examination at the end of their course.

General English classes focus on improving communication skills and include work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. New language is practised through meaningful speaking tasks and discussions, which include regular integrated work on pronunciation. By the end of the course students will be better able to use English more accurately and effectively and with more confidence. 

Exam preparation classes focus on preparing students for a recognised exit examination, focusing on developing and practising the exam skills needed to achieve the best possible score.

Our Academy Year Programmes are available for non-EU visa requiring students and consist of 25 weeks of study plus 10 weeks of holidays.  Students are permitted to work part-time for the whole 35 weeks and full-time during the 10 weeks holidays.  Students booking this programme must book an end of programme exam and medical insurance for the whole duration of their stay.  At CEC, we offer students the choice of booking the IELTS or Cambridge FCE/CAE exams. CEC is an IELTS and Cambridge test venue so students can take the exam at the school at the end of their course.

Courses on the 15 hour Work and Study programme have been approved for inclusion on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP) recognised by the Ministry of Education and Skills for purposes of access to employment by students from outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland.

Detalles de curso:

Fechas: Cada lunes a lo largo del año.
Nivel mínimo: Beginner
Edad: 17+

25 Weeks: € 2800,00

Cuota de inscripción: 70.00
Material de curso: 50.00
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Who is this course for?

Students who wish to study and work in Ireland for a minimum of 25 weeks.
Students who wish to prepare and take an exam.
Students who would like to significantly improve their English speaking and listening skills.
Students of all levels.

quote Thanks for everything! I’ve spent a wonderful 3 months here in Cork English College. See you soon!

Kristina, Russia

quote I can’t believe this 2 weeks went by so quickly. Staying here really feels like home. Thanks a million.

Mariko, Japan
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